ACE LEARNING CENTER NIGHT- As Ace Learning Center, Inc. of Palompon celebrates its 25th Anniversary in solidarity with the Church’s celebration of the year of the Parish, as Communion of Communities. Ace Learning Center, Inc. of Palompon raised a banner of hope and renewal through musical extravaganza…”HARMONY.” Harmony is a reflection of how God has built in harmony into our very nature as human persons and in natur itself. the harmony in nature is beautifully illustrated in the interdependence exists among the different parts of the body. But all of these are destroyed because of pride, greediness, sloth, anger, gluttony, envy and lust. This musical extravaganza gives inspiration that there is hope. The church, the people of God, willed and designed by God also manifests this innate harmony that even in the diversity of gifts……we can be one.